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The Hemsworth brothers have become staple names in Hollywood – even if Woody Harrelson had no idea that the pair were even related – and have had reams of success in franchises that have dominated the film market such as Avengers and The Hunger Games. While their brother Luke Hemsworth appeared in Thor: Ragnarok alongside Chris for a brief cameo, the brothers have never starred in anything together – although there are plans for this in the works.

Although both Chris and Liam auditioned for the coveted role of Thor in the MCU and we all know who was successful, it has never been indicated that Liam’s success has only come from his brother’s, nor is he riding on his coattails. Liam was cast in the role of Gale in The Hunger Games and launched his career to new heights. If anything, there’s nothing but admiration between the pair for what the other has built.

[Chris] is so focused. I’m thankful that I have him and am able to use his resources and his knowledge. I call him all the time about scripts and get his opinion. – Liam Hemsworth, Men’s Health.

With The Hunger Games and Avengers being predominantly action roles, the pair have also shown their craft in comedic timing – Thor: Ragnarok was a major risk taken by Marvel to softly reboot Thor’s standalone films from the darker aesthetic to a comedy. But with Chris’ comedic timing, the film was a success and saved Thor’s character.

Before Covid-19 put a halt to all film production, Liam mentioned that the pair were planning to work together, “We’re looking to do a film this year together, which is like a big action-comedy thing.” Those are the only details we have so far but when Hollywood is back on its feet, we can’t wait to see what the brothers have in store after they’ve finished what they are currently filming. Chris Hemsworth is continuing his role in Thor: Love and Thunder while Liam Hemsworth will be starring in a new thriller series Dangerous Game.


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