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Tom Hanks and wife, Rita Wilson were one of the first celebrity couples to announce that they had been tested positive for Covid-19 back in early March. The pair had contracted the virus while in Australia, filming the Elvis Presley biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann. Following the appropriate social distancing rules, the couple returned to their home in Los Angeles at the end of March.

Last week while guest-starring on the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! podcast by NPR, the actor revealed that he and his wife volunteered for their blood to be donated for research against coronavirus.

A lot of the questions [are] what do we do now? Is there something we can do? And, in fact, we just found out that we do carry the antibodies. We have not only been approached, we have said, ‘Do you want our blood? Can we give plasma? – Tom Hanks, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Ever the optimist, the actor also had a name in the bag if the vaccine was successfully created from his blood and plasma – the Hank-ccine. The star also stated that he and his wife are completely recovered from the virus and are feeling much better than they did.

However, he revealed that Rita Wilson struggled more with the symptoms, “Rita went through a tougher time than I did. She had a much higher fever. She had lost her sense of taste and sense of smell. She got absolutely no joy from food for a better part of three weeks.”

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