Scene Siren

Your hub for film news and reviews!

Hi! Welcome to Scene Siren, the hub for everything you need to know about film and TV. I am a graduated film student who is obsessed with knowing the theory behind everything, crying at films and watching too many TV shows on Netflix and other various streaming platforms.

On this website, I will be posting film news, film reviews, analyses and essays that are there to educate, inform and give opinions about the delicious world of film/TV that we have all come to love.

When I have enough people interested, I will also be running a film club which you can read more about here – in a nutshell, I will provide a film that everyone who wants to take part in has to watch and then create something from it whether that’s a piece of artwork, a review, an essay or fan fiction. Whatever your heart desires! A few weeks later, I will then read through everything and 5 submissions will be posted onto the website. The aim is to create a nice little film community where everyone has the right to say how they feel about the film!

Please follow this blog and social medias for more updates.

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