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Walt Disney World was one of the first major corporations to be closed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and has now been given guidelines by a Florida task force for when the park eventually re-opens once the crisis has come to an end. The report was released on Tuesday and isn’t specific to Disney World but all hospitality businesses such as cinemas, hotels, restaurants, theme parks etc.

There will be two phases set out specifically for Disney World, however, for when they allow visitors to return to the Magic Kingdom. The first phase allows for 50% capacity and once substantial change has been shown, 75% capacity. Neither of these phases have been allocated a date, however, as globally, we are unsure how long this pandemic will continue for.

Social distancing rules will still be in place when these phases begin, however. For queues to the ride, there will be markers set to keep six feet apart – similar to what has been set up in supermarkets and pharmacies already. Guests to the park who are 65+ will still be being advised to stay home and not visit the park until there is a significant change in the risk of picking up coronavirus.

As for the staff of the park, they will be obligated to wear face marks while maintaining good hygiene across the park, disinfecting railings and surfaces. Touch-free hand sanitising stations will also be placed at the entry and exit of every ride. Staff will also be required to have their temperature taken before they begin their shift – anyone with a high temperature will be sent straight home.

43,000 employees from the Walt Disney Company have been furloughed due to diminishing revenue from the parks.

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