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Biopics have become prevalent within the movie industry recently, from Freddie Mercury to Steve Jobs, many people have been under the director’s spotlight and the next project we have coming up is Al Capone.

Tom Hardy stars as the notorious gangster who battled with syphilitic dementia until the end of his days. Al Capone will go down in history as the gangster who wasn’t afraid to publicly taunt police for all of the crimes that he initiated in the underworld of America. Although the film revolves around the latter days of his life, there will be macabre flashbacks that detail the crimes he took part in, presenting his decaying psyche as punishment for his crimes.

Director Josh Trank is the head of the project which was originally called Fonzo and he has some hard work to impress himself to Hollywood – the last project he helmed as 2015’s Fantastic Four which was a flop. Can he claw it back with Hardy’s help?

Capone Poster Sees Tom Hardy Physically Transformed as Famed ...

We all pay for our crimes in the end.

Alongside the mental scars of his life, Al Capone was also known for the scars that littered his face and body which required extensive work for the makeup department to turn Tom Hardy into the mobster. On the surface, you wouldn’t recognise him beneath the scars. However, this project has been a long-awaited one as shooting finished in 2018 but it has also fallen prey to the Covid-19 delays for film releases.

It will be being released digitally, although a date hasn’t been released yet.

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