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The Scream franchise is one that has gone down in film history as one of the most popular film franchises of all time. Originally created by late director Wes Craven, the franchise was to poke fun at the slasher horror films that were ride in the media at the time while staying true to the source and being equally frightening themselves. They have since become cult classics and have since spurred many sequels as well as a TV series which is available on Netflix now. However, there hasn’t been a new film release in the franchise since 2011.

Until directors revealed that Scream 5 is now in the works. To further excite fans, Neve Campbell has hinted that she could be returning to the franchise. She was originally apprehensive about re-joining the franchise without Wes Craven at the helm but after speaking with directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, it seems that the star is onboard.

We’re having conversations – I have been approached about it. The timing’s a bit challenging because of COVID. You know, we only started the conversation maybe a month and a half ago, so it’s going to take some time to figure out how it’s all going to work out…. We’re negotiating, so we’ll see. The two directors wrote me a very touching letter about Wes Craven and how he was such an inspiration to them and how they really want to honor him, and that meant a great, great deal to me. So we’ll see. Hopefully we can all see eye to eye on the project and find a way to make it. I’m so grateful for these films… I love Sidney Prescott. It’s always fun for me to step back in her shoes, and it’s always fun for me to see the cast come back and make one of these films again and try to make another good one.

Neve Campbell, Rotten Tomatoes

There have been no further details released about the fifth instalment to the franchise aside from the bare bones of the plot – a woman returning to her hometown to investigate a ream of violent murders that have taken over the town and disrupted the peace. One guess as to who that is.

More details as they develop.

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