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With Covid-19 still at large, many industries have been greatly affected by the impacts that the virus has had – including the film industry. Many releases have been held back due to cinemas being closed but director Christopher Nolan is hopeful that the cinemas will be open again by the time his newest project Tenet is released.

More than that, he is hoping that his will be the first film that is released to welcome cinemas back into working. But this is a ‘overly optimistic’ outlook as social distancing measures are still in place. More essential businesses are likely to be open before cinemas as in their nature, there are people in a confined space close together for a long period of time.

Nolan’s latest film baby cost over $200 million to create so it is clear why he would like the film to have as much screen time as possible to earn that money back in the box office. But is this is a sensible or plausible plan? The production companies have yet to move the date back to later in the year or even next year, like many films have been pushed back in order to leave room for the virus to be contained. The decision by Warner Bros will be made within the next week to see whether they will push the release back – but if the film still aims to be released in mid-July then they will have to advertise soon.

Tenet will tell the story of a secret agent whose mission is to save the world from World War III – while not much has been revealed about the plot aside from the bare bones, it will involve time travel of some description.

What do you think? Should cinemas re-open? Let us know in the comments.

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