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San Diego Comic-Con have announced that they will be letting the convention go ahead on a virtual basis that attendees can access at home following a cancellation from coronavirus.

SDCC is something that fans look forward to on a yearly basis, to connect with fellow fans and see their stars in a new light. While they won’t be able to meet the stars face-to-face and have photos taken with them as they usually would be able to, they will be able to have an at-home version of the convention. It was hoped that convention would be able to continue despite coronavirus but in April, spokesperson David Glanzer made the announcement that it had been cancelled.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

David Glanzer, spokesperson for SDCC.

We have no other information as of yet, just that the online event will be coming soon and it will be sometime in summer. It will act as an opportunity for major production companies to be able to promote their upcoming projects and provide hints for fans’ most anticipated releases.

Be sure to follow so that you can see updates about SDCC as they come.

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