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Capone was supposed to be a comeback story for director Josh Trank but it has left some critics less than impressed while others can appreciate it for its wackiness.

Following the poor reception of Fantastic Four (2015) at the box office, Josh Trank has been trying to prove to the film-going public that he can create a good film. His latest project was Capone, initially titled Fonzo – a dark biopic detailing the latter life of Al Capone who is portrayed by fan-favourite Tom Hardy. While you can always expect the odd critic who didn’t enjoy it, there doesn’t appear to be much middle ground with the reviews that have come piling in so far. On Rotten Tomatoes, Capone sits at 50%, further showing how mixed the reviews are.

Some praised Tom Hardy’s performance while also stating that it was over the top given the gritty subject matter of a man losing his health and dignity along the way.

Given the material of Capone, the film was in need of a savvy and experienced helmsman to handle the delicate story at its core. Sadly, Trank isn’t fully up for the task. Capone’s depiction of a mentally-ill Capone frequently teeters between tragedy and unintentional comedy depending on the situation. It’s clear Trank wanted viewers to feel sympathy for this version of Capone, who is haunted by his past and dealing with a medical condition beyond his control, but it doesn’t always work.

Chris Agar, Screen Rant

You can read the full review for yourself here from Screen Rant.

The film has been released today (May 12th) to VOD for the general public so you can make the decision for yourself and I will be reviewing as soon as I have the chance to watch it so be sure to follow for that and other film reviews.

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  1. Reviewing this sometime this weekend. My latest review if you fancy reading. You’re welcome to follow.

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