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Bob Chapek, the CEO for Disney has confirmed that the live action remake of Mulan will be released in July 2020, as long as the measures put in place due to coronavirus will allow for this.

When the virus was in its early stages, Mulan was just one of many of the film-casualties that fell prey to the cinemas being closed globally. The date has now been changed to the 24th of July when the government hopes that we will have seen a significant enough change in the infection rates to allow hospitality sectors such as cinemas re-open, with social distancing measures put in place. The decision isn’t at the hand of any government, but rather one that rests in the hand of the virus and the hopes that there will not be a second peak.

But is this a good idea for Disney? Even if cinemas do re-open, they will have to be far different from before and there is a high chance that many people will be put off of going until the virus is fully eradicated due to the nature of cinemas. They don’t want to be in enclosed spaces. This could have a significant impact on the box office turnout in comparison to if they pushed the release to a later date.

“At Disney, we’re a bunch of optimists, and I think that’s a very good release date for this particular title.”

Bob Chapek, CNBC.

Disney aren’t the only company faced with this decision as Christopher Nolan was still pushing for Tenet’s release before the ease of restrictions and coronavirus timeline was revealed.

What do you think should happen? Should Mulan be released? Should cinemas be re-opened at all until the virus is gone? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more film news and Disney updates.

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