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The film industry has recently been rife with remakes and reboots, with now classic films safe from the new wave of recreating old films that people love. Scarface isn’t safe, either, but has faced the trial of production more than most with release dates constantly being changed alongside the cast and crew. Now, Luca Guadagnino has stepped into the shoes of director for the project.

The director is best known for the Oscar-winning Call Me By Your Name and another classic film remake of Suspiria. He is still currently working on the sequel to Call Me By Your Name, which is titled Find Me. Antoine Fuqua was the previous director while Diego Luna was to play the title role but both have since dropped out. The star role has still yet to be filled. Joel and Ethan Coen originally drafted the screenplay but whether this will be the script that goes ahead has yet to be seen as it is still early days.

The reboot is a long time in the making as it has been almost ten years since it was announced but with the ever-present changes to cast and crew, it’s hard to know when we will actually see a release date or get any clues into what will happen.

What do you think? Should Scarface be remade? Or is this a sign that some things shouldn’t be touched? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more film news on new projects.

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