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Last night, Supergirl came to an unplanned end (even though the episode fit nicely for a finale) and even though we aren’t sure when the next series will be back on our screen due to coronavirus, we do know a few things about what to expect from the next series.

SPOILER WARNING: This article will be talking about the events of series 5 of Supergirl. You have been warned!

There has been a lot of events that happened in the past series, some which fans have been uncertain about and some which have caused excitement within the fandom. National City has now been relocated from Earth-38 to Earth-Prime following the Crisis on Infinite Earths. What changed in this new world was that the notorious Lex Luthor was rewritten to be a hero rather than the villain that we’ve known him as. He’s also the boss of DEO so. . . he owns Supergirl and her friends, basically. Yikes.

However, when Leviathan – a group of aliens who are immortal and have had their hand in humanity’s actions for a long time – rise up, Luthor and the Super Friends knew that they had to work together to fight them. Or so they thought. Luthor manipulated Leviathan throughout the events of the series in an effort to increase the stretch of his own power. What he didn’t realise was that Lena, his sister, was onto him all along and despite the tension that came between her and Kara, she was quick to warn her of what her was planning. She also apologised for being stubborn when she learned that Kara had lied about being Supergirl.

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For series 6, there could also be another hold up as Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers) has also announced that she’s pregnant with her first child. The show runners decided to hold back the release of the series rather than writing around her pregnancy or her absence while she was on maternity leave.

Jon Cryer (Lex Luthor) has revealed that he will be a part of series 6, something which surprised him, too. He expected that his character would perish in the finale but when he read the rewrite, he was pleasantly surprised to see Lex come up on top. He said, ‘Oh, did I not get defeated? Wait a minute, I like this!’ Even though fan’s sentiments don’t appear to be the same. But it could be that the show runners are keeping Lex in so that he can switch over to the new Superman and Lois show that’s up and coming.

Aside from Lex, we don’t know who the antagonist for the next series of Supergirl could be. What we do know is that J’onn J’onzz and their relationship with M’Gann M’orzz will be something that will be a big part fo the series, that Alex Danvers will have a change in character while managing her promotion to masked vigilante. And, much to the excitement of fans, Lena and Kara (Supercorp) have made friends again so their dynamic will be further explored in the next series.

What did you think of the finale? Are you excited for the next series? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more TV news.

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