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Last week, we reported on how Villanelle’s latest kill will have an significant impact on her character, according to actress Jodie Comer. This week’s episode ‘End of Game’ is gearing up for the finale and a lot happened in the limited time of the episode. Including one big question – will Villanelle stop being an assassin?


One of the biggest shocks of this episode is that Niko, portrayed by Owen McDonnell, is alive. The last time that audiences saw him, he had been viciously killed with a pitchfork and his fate seemed sealed. But now, he has had his vocal cords mended with the help of a voice machine and has some choice words for his wife, Eve. Undeterred, Eve promises that she’ll find out what happened and it’s a promise that it seems as if she could follow through with as she’s putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Jamie and Bear are certain that it was Villanelle but Eve’s evidence is beginning to point to Dasha, portrayed by Harriet Walter.

Despite how terrifying and cruel she is, Villanelle has become a fan-favourite due to her likeable character. One of the best moments for this was when she appeared at Irina’s ice hockey match and began to blare an air horn in the stands. The scene is brought back to reality, however, as she states that Villanelle cannot join her and Konstantin’s plan to escape from The Twelve.

However, Villanelle still has a job to do and provided one of the grisly murder scenes that Killing Eve fans are used to seeing now as she pretended to be a hairdresser. But fans are now raising the question – will she continue to be an assassin? Since series three began, fans have been noticing how Villanelle is beginning to ‘soften’ in her own way and this episode marks the first time that she’s hesitated before a kill. She then later had a tearful conversation with Dasha where she revealed that she ‘[didn’t] want to do this anymore’.

The fact that Eve is one of the only people that has managed to get through to Villanelle in some way, it’s likely that she will be the one to pull Villanelle away from the world of killing – if she can leave, that is.

What do you think? Is Villanelle going ‘soft’? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more TV news.

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