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Robert Pattinson was hit with a reality check when he entered into 2019 job-less, realising that his future in mainly independent films wasn’t a viable one. The actor started looking to more indie films after he had been a part of two massive franchises, Harry Potter and Twilight. Since then, he’s been in films such as High Life, Good Time and The Lighthouse – all of which he’s given fantastic performances in.

But they weren’t enough to keep securing him big roles as not enough audiences were watching the films, despite their love by the critics. Pattinson, in his fashion, had some choice words to say about it.

“I started the beginning of last year with no job. And I was calling my agent and just being like—I had gotten good reviews in stuff—and I was like, ‘What the f**k? I thought this was a pretty good year, and I’m f**king starting the year like I’ve just done a pile of trash.”

Robert Pattinson, GQ Magazine

When he rose the matter to his agent, he said that casting directors didn’t look to him for big blockbusters as they believed that he was done with them, not because he wasn’t capable of doing them. So, he made the decision to balance between the two in order to keep himself in the acting limelight – which was the best decision that he could have made as he was soon hired for Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet and Matt ReevesThe Batman for the titular character.

Film fans can’t wait to see what he does in both roles, even if he has created himself a controversy for joking that he wasn’t going to bulk up for The Batman.

What do you think? Did he make the right decision? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more film news.


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