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Many Hollywood actors have tried new ways to keep themselves and their fans entertained during the coronavirus lockdown period, from short films to Zoom calls. But Chris Hemsworth has taken a somewhat more healthy way to entertain fans while sharing some secrets as to how he got his Thor-bod.

Last year, the actor released a fitness app called Centr which gave consumers access to trainers, wellness gurus and nutritionists similar to the like of what he had to take on in order to prepare for his role in the MCU. Following the lockdown, the numbers of people subscribing to the actor has increased by a whopping 300%.

However, it hasn’t been plain sailing as a few weeks ago, it was revealed that Centr was charging $99 without permission to those who download it. There’s a six week trail beforehand but users stated that the app then took the money despite cancellation. Since, the app has stated that they will be especially mindful – especially in this scary time.

Will you be downloading it? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more film and celebrity news.

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