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The rumours have been confirmed and Cate Blanchett has officially signed on to be a part of the Borderlands film adaptation directed by Eli Roth, who she worked with before in The House with a Clock in Its Walls. She will be taking on the lead role of Lilith.

Eli Roth began his directing career when he directed Cabin Fever and has since created a strong portfolio of work. To have Cate on his side will automatically draw viewers into watching the film with her renowned acting talent – even if they know nothing about the games.

The Borderlands games have been increasing in popularity, with the latest being released last September. Cate’s character of Lilith is one of the playable characters in the first game and then was an NPC in the following films. She’s a siren (so we approve) who lives on Pandora.

There have been no further confirmations of who will be joining Cate but the production team of the video games have hinted that they wanted Dwayne Johnson to be a part of the game as Claptrap for a while. There is also no release date or any further pre-production information.

Are you excited for the film? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more film news and updates on new projects.


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