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Paul Rudd has revealed that he feels like he’s an ‘imposter’ in the glamorous world of Hollywood and that he doesn’t feel that his talent amounts to that of the co-stars that he works with.

Beginning his film career in 1995 in Clueless, the star appeared in a few films alongside his role in Friends but secured his title in the Hollywood Hall of Fame when he was cast as Scott Lang or ‘Ant-Man’ in the MCU. Even though he is a fan favourite, the actor recently spoke out about his insecurities in the industry.

I still have that feeling – ‘I’m an imposter, I’m not as good as the people I’m working with,’ or I feel I just don’t have it.

Paul Rudd, BAFTA Breakthrough Mentoring Scheme

He combats this by writing and producing his own work and ensuring that he works with actors that he has worked with previously in order to feel more comfortable.

Rudd is next to appear in Ghostbusters: Afterlife which was due to be released in July of this year but has now been pushed back to March 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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