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13 Reasons Why has come to an end with its fourth series, created by Brian Yorkey. But what happened in the series finale? Read on to find out.


The most surprising moment of the finale for fans was the reappearance of Hannah Baker, portrayed by Katherine Langford. The actress originally left at the end of the second series and fans didn’t expect to see her back.

The series began as a direct adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel and it details the effects of a young girl’s suicide and the thirteen tapes that she left behind to tell her story of why she found this to be the only way out. Clay Jensen, portrayed by Dylan Minnette, is the protagonist of the story as he acts as the audience, listening to the tapes and being told what happened to Hannah through her eyes. The rest of the series focus on his guilt and how he copes with the death.

13 Reasons Why has been critiqued for a number of reasons – the first, the extreme detail they presented Hannah’s suicide in and the redemption arc that Bryce Walker went through in the third series to make him a sympathetic character when he has been anything but for the rest of the series.

Hannah’s return came as a means to provide Clay with closure for her death. While everyone else managed to move on with their lives following the events, Clay has always been unable to let go of Hannah. But the events of the fourth series forced Clay to address his hero complex and realise that he couldn’t possibly save everyone. Hannah appears before him to signify this but before he can speak to her, he is interrupted by a new love interest to portray the fact that he has moved on.

What did you think of the series? Are you happy with how the story ended? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more TV news.


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