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The finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine series seven concluded with Amy giving birth to her and Jake’s baby boy, who he named after his obsession with Die Hard. However, there are changes that are going to be made to the upcoming series that will revolve around racism and police brutality.

The Black Lives Matter movement is bigger than ever currently with protestors on the streets against police brutality and systemic racism. Terry Crews revealed in an interview with Seth Meyers that the show will be tackling these important issues in their next series.

Definitely. We actually all got on a Zoom call just the other day because of what’s happening in this country. We were witnessing so many abuses of power. We had some somber talks and some really, really eye-opening conversation about how to handle this new season.

Terry Crews, Late Night with Seth Meyers

It won’t be the first time that the show has tackled issues of racism as they have also showcased racial profiling when Terry Crews’ character, Terry Jeffords was racially profiled by a fellow police officer and deemed suspicious because he was Black. There will be great care needed when tackling the issues that are so prevalent and important to the world but we are certain that the showrunner, Dan Goor will be able to do it.

He has donated $100,00 to the National Bail Fund Network while Stephanie Beatriz has donated $11,000, urging the rest of her castmates to do the same.

What would you like to see from the next series? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow for more TV news.


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