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The finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine series seven concluded with Amy giving birth to her and Jake’s baby boy, who he named after his obsession with Die Hard. However, there are changes that are going to be made to the upcoming series that will revolve around racism and police brutality.

The Black Lives Matter movement is bigger than ever currently with protestors on the streets against police brutality and systemic racism. Terry Crews revealed in an interview with Seth Meyers that the show will be tackling these important issues in their next series.

Definitely. We actually all got on a Zoom call just the other day because of what’s happening in this country. We were witnessing so many abuses of power. We had some somber talks and some really, really eye-opening conversation about how to handle this new season.

Terry Crews, Late Night with Seth Meyers

It won’t be the first time that the show has tackled issues of racism as they have also showcased racial profiling when Terry Crews’ character, Terry Jeffords was racially profiled by a fellow police officer and deemed suspicious because he was Black. There will be great care needed when tackling the issues that are so prevalent and important to the world but we are certain that the showrunner, Dan Goor will be able to do it.

He has donated $100,00 to the National Bail Fund Network while Stephanie Beatriz has donated $11,000, urging the rest of her castmates to do the same.

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With the Infinity Saga coming to a close with Avengers: Endgame, there has been a lot of confusion and speculation about where the MCU will turn to next and how they will continue in their next phase. Black Widow is the next film to return but will be a film set prior to the events that we have seen in the Infinity Saga.

Linda Cardellini first appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron when she took on the role of Laura Barton, Hawkeye’s wife. She also had a brief cameo in Avengers: Endgame before her character was Thanos-snapped out of existence.

I mean, you know, it was one of those things where I was sort of brought into the universe and it truly is its own universe. It’s its own entity with this fandom that is incredible and to be part of it is, I don’t know, it’s pretty fun. My daughter’s friends love it. It’s one of those kinds of things, you know? So it’s always fun. I mean, would I love to see a Laura Barton movie? Sure! But I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think people are more interested in the superheroes.

Linda Cardellini, Collider

There has been no clarification of what will happen with the Hawkeye family and whether they will be involved in the limited series on Disney+ but it is certainly a way to get them back on our screens. The production was due to begin filming in autumn but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the filming has been halted until it is safer to recommence.

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Director: Colin Trevorrow
Written by: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly

Even if it may not seem like it on the surface, most films have a theme underlying everything that happens within the script. Whether it’s the importance of family, the effect of racism or mental health, there is always a message that the director is trying to convey to their audience using the medium of film. More often than not, the message is supposed to make audiences think on their own lives and reflect on what they would do in such a situation were it to arise.

Jurassic World is a sci-fi disaster film which follows on from the events of the original Jurassic Park trilogy while revamping it into something new. The story follows the re-opened park, Jurassic World in which the owners believe that they won’t make the same mistakes that John Hammond did and that they can control the dinosaurs. You can guess how well that works out.

While the Jurassic franchise has often been labelled as silly as many believe that there is no chance that they would make the same mistake over and over again, I would like to raise the idea that that’s the point of the film. I mentioned themes earlier and the theme that is prevalent is human greed.

Human greed is presented in a number of ways during the film and through different characters. There is no clear sole protagonist but rather a group of main characters (you could argue that Owen [Chris Pratt] is the protagonist but he isn’t introduced until well after Zach, Gray and Claire are all introduced.) The greed that is presented within their character flaws is also constantly juxtaposed with the greed of the Indominus Rex. But we’ll get onto that in a moment.

While there is no true protagonist, there is also not one sole antagonist, even though you would likely believe that the Indominus Rex is the antagonist. There are three others – Doctor Henry Wu, Victor Hoskins and money itself, with the latter being the most dangerous out of the group. Without the pursuit of money, it’s likely that none of this would happen which is a point that is made throughout the screenplay. The scientists and business CEOs are so eager to make money from the dinosaurs that they don’t realise the impact that this could have – they just see the dollar signs.

Firstly, let’s talk about the greed of one of our main protagonists, Zach (Nick Robinson). Zach is introduced as a regular moody teenager that only looks for what he can get and how the events of the day affect him rather than what is best for everyone around. He knows that this trip is important to his little brother, Gray (Ty Simpkins), but he is more obsessed with talking to his girlfriend back home and seeing which other girls are on offer in Jurassic World. His greed is self-fulfilling and equally damaging to the characters around him. The impact that it has on his little brother is sufficient as he is constantly pushed to one side in lieu of Zach’s needs.

The Indominus brings out the best in Zach as he is forced to put the needs of Gray before his own. He realises that shouting and bullying his way through this will only result in getting them killed. With his selfish-glasses off, he begins to see that Gray is brave, intelligent and worth looking after – he just didn’t see that when he was focussing on his own wants and gains. Gray is his antithesis as he is automatically much warmer and vibrant than his brother from the moment we meet him. He is clearly excited to be spending time with him and is aware of the people around him – namely his parents when he has begun to notice that their marriage may not be as pleasant as it seems on the surface.

Next, we have Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong). A callback from the past films, he has clearly learned nothing from the events of the past as he is still pushing for dinosaur breeding to become a regular practice that will continue to generate income for humanity. His greed comes from his need for success which neatly compares him alongside Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who even though she doesn’t openly state it is also eager to impress. She pushes aside her own life and responsibilities within it to do the best possible job that she can do for Jurassic World.

Despite the fact that Dr. Wu was an active part of what happened in Jurassic Park, he is still eager to get the science right in order to generate profits from the park and be known for his knowledge in the science field.

[The Indominus Rex is] meant to embody [humanity’s] worst tendencies. We’re surrounded by wonder and yet we want more, and we want it bigger, faster, louder, better. And in the world of the movie, the animal is designed based on a series of corporate focus groups. There’s something in the film about our greed and our desire for profit. The Indominus rex, to me, is very much that desire, that need to be satisfied.

Colin Trevorrow

Finally, we have Victor Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) whose greed comes from a far darker place – his need for war. War and greed often come hand in hand as a pair and Vic is a perfect representation of a warmonger. When others see the dinosaurs as an advancement in technology and new life, he sees them as nothing more than a weapon which comes back to bite him. Literally. From the moment the audience are introduced to him, he is automatically figuring out how he can use the raptors for his own gain and inevitably, it is by their power that he meets his end.

As far as themes go, Jurassic World is quite open in its commentary on corporate and human greed while also creating a tense romp for audiences to sink their teeth into. There’s plenty more that can be said about this franchise so if there is any other essay you would like to see from it, comment below.

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Hartley Sawyer was this week fired from The Flash for unearthed misogynistic and racist tweets. The actor has been on the show for three series portraying Ralph Dibny or the Elongated Man before he was sacked for tweets that weren’t fitting with the show’s message.

Eric Wallace, show runner for The Flash slammed the actions of Sawyer in a statement that stated that he was committed to bringing ‘permanent change’ to the working environment on set. The show is for ‘all families’ and he promised to find Black and Brown cast and crew to work with in future.

Grant Gustin, lead of the show, also admonished the actor’s actions in a statement of his own which was later backed up by Arrow star Stephen Amell.

“I don’t have much to add because Eric’s thoughts are stated so eloquently and powerfully. I will say I was shocked, saddened and angry when I saw the tweets. Words matter.”

Grant Gustin, Twitter.

There are some fans, however, that haven’t been convinced that the star should have been sacked and they have created a petition to have him restored to the show. It seems as if Wallace is rightly sticking to his guns, however, and will not be restoring him to the show.

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A musical based on the biggest hit by singer Lionel Richie is being worked on by Disney. It will be a live action film, the working title is All Night Long but this could be subject to change.

Richie will be working on the project itself, producing the film with Bruce Eskowitz (his manager), Dana Brunetti and Matt DelPiano. Richie pitched the film himself in January. The singer has had a fifty year long career that has proven fruitful with 100 million records sold worldwide and four Grammys under his belt. He has also been nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars three times.

The screenplay is being written by Pete Chiarelli who penned Crazy Rich Asians. The aesthetic of the film is to be similar to the cult favourite Mamma Mia! which was released in 2008, based on the songs of ABBA.

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The leads of Killing Eve have finally put an end to their chase and admitted their feelings for one another. But what will happen for Villanelle and Eve next?

The third series focused on their own growth and character arcs rather than them as a relationship but it also opened up a lot of questions that fans are hoping will be answered in the fourth series. Laura Neal will be taking over as head writer from Suzanne Heathcote.

The series should ideally start with what happens next on the bridge with Villanelle and Eve – despite the fact they turned around, there’s no real confirmation that they will decide to run away together even though that is the most likely event. But Jodie Comer believes that they will just walk away from each other and doesn’t believe that a happy ending is in store for Villanelle.

“I’m not sure I see a true happy ending for Villanelle, because I think her own worst enemy is herself and we all know that’s impossible to get away from.”

Jodie Comer, Variety


Aside from Villanelle and Eve, there is a question about what will happen to Konstantin. Will he truly be able to retire or will the pull of the life he lived before be too strong for him to resist? Or will he be forced to confront it as The Twelve are still pursuing him. And while on the subject of The Twelve – who are they? They have been a firm part of the show but there has been no real clarification as to who they truly are.

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Fans of Killing Eve have been left in happy and sad tears following the series three finale as the events unfold, ending on a cliffhanger leaving them begging for more in series 4.


Villanelle and Eve have finally come to terms with their feelings for one another in the finale of series 3. Ever since the beginning of the show, the pair have been in a game of cat and mouse while realising that their feelings were far different from the enemies that they were supposed to be from the start.

The pair met on the Tower Bridge in London and Eve confessed her feelings for Villanelle by stating, “When I try and think of my future, I just see your face over and over again.” Villanelle was touched but was worried that she was a bad influence on Eve as she encouraged her to take her first life at the end of the second series and they were both involved in Dasha’s death. But Eve comforted her, stating that she secretly wanted her dark side to be released all along.

They then had a decision to make – either run away together and begin a new life or leave each other in the past for good. They decided, eventually, to go their separate ways. But they were unable to and the show ended with the pair looking back despite the fact they promised they wouldn’t.

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In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Michael B. Jordan has called on Hollywood to invest more in black creators and storytelling.

I want us to invest in Black staff. I’m proud to have an inclusion rider and all that good stuff, and I use my power to demand diversity, but it’s time the studios and agencies and all these buildings we stand in front of to do the same. You committed to a 50/50 gender parity in 2020. Where is the challenge to commit to Black hiring? Black content led by Black executives, Black consultants. Are you policing our storytelling as well? Let us bring our darkness to the light. Black culture: the sneakers, sports, comedic culture that you guys love so much. We’ve dealt with discrimination at every turn. Can you help fund Black brands, companies, cultural leaders, Black organizations?

Michael B. Jordan, BLM protest in Los Angeles.


Jordan came to fame after his role in Fruitvale Station which is relevant to the recent events in America – it details the events of Oscar Grant’s death, a black man who was killed at the hands of police brutality in 2008. He was also in 2020’s Just Mercy which focuses on systemic racism in Death Row. The film is now available for free rental for the month of June in the US in order to educate others on the movement.

Click this link to find ways you can help and donate to the movement.

Kenneth Branagh has said that even he isn’t sure if he’s playing the villain in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. The film has already been known for being so mysterious that the cast themselves aren’t too sure what it’s about or what’s going on.

“I kid you not, I read this screenplay more times than I have ever read any other thing I have ever worked on. It was like doing the Times crossword puzzle every day, I would imagine. So my conversations with [Nolan] about my character were constant, because the character’s evolution was not set. It was a series of constant surprises.”

Kenneth Branagh, Total Film

The recent trailer made Branagh’s character look as if he was going to be the villain – he’s a Russian national who is attempting to start World War III, even if audiences aren’t sure why. There are many questions surrounding the highly-anticipated film and Nolan is playing his cards close to his chest.

The biggest of all of these questions regarding Tenet is when it will actually be released. It has been intended to be released for the 17th of July but with lockdown measures in place due to coronavirus, it remains to be seen whether this will happen.

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It will inevitably be pushed back until cinemas are safe to re-open again and people are more willing to attend but it will definitely not be released to VOD rental as many have chosen to do.

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13 Reasons Why has come to an end with its fourth series, created by Brian Yorkey. But what happened in the series finale? Read on to find out.


The most surprising moment of the finale for fans was the reappearance of Hannah Baker, portrayed by Katherine Langford. The actress originally left at the end of the second series and fans didn’t expect to see her back.

The series began as a direct adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel and it details the effects of a young girl’s suicide and the thirteen tapes that she left behind to tell her story of why she found this to be the only way out. Clay Jensen, portrayed by Dylan Minnette, is the protagonist of the story as he acts as the audience, listening to the tapes and being told what happened to Hannah through her eyes. The rest of the series focus on his guilt and how he copes with the death.

13 Reasons Why has been critiqued for a number of reasons – the first, the extreme detail they presented Hannah’s suicide in and the redemption arc that Bryce Walker went through in the third series to make him a sympathetic character when he has been anything but for the rest of the series.

Hannah’s return came as a means to provide Clay with closure for her death. While everyone else managed to move on with their lives following the events, Clay has always been unable to let go of Hannah. But the events of the fourth series forced Clay to address his hero complex and realise that he couldn’t possibly save everyone. Hannah appears before him to signify this but before he can speak to her, he is interrupted by a new love interest to portray the fact that he has moved on.

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